A Tradition in the Making: 1st Annual AEPi Winter Classic


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486372_4548273422354_1497543231_nHockey season started early for the brothers of the Beta Upsilon chapter during this winter break. The 2013 AEPi Winter Classic was a huge success and a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.
On January 10th, brothers gathered at the Northbrook Buffalo Wild Wings for a Pregame Dinner Show and Live Draft. The draft featured brothers Cody Lefkowitz and Daniel Bachrach who were the coaches for the gold and blue team.

Following the draft, the brothers tied up their skates and took to the ice at the North Shore Ice Arena. Bike and motorcycle helmets covered the heads of players that could be compared with a Mighty Ducks team. With former hockey players to first time skaters, people were gliding and slipping all over the ice. Through all of this, a great game was still played.

Daniel Bachrach, the Blue team’s goalie, channeled his inner brick wall to give his team a 3-1 lead after the first period. “Team gold had some good shots early on,” Bachrach stated. “Ben ‘the Canadian’ Mazor came to play like so many of his ancestors have. I had to get aggressive with the stick early on.”

In the second period, the gold team kept the game within 2 as both teams lit the lamp twice, making the score 5-3. Brothers Mark Wagner and Brad Gutmann provided the scoring help for the Gold team. “Our team started figuring out how to skate in the second period,” Gutmann said. “Wagner and I found a good spot in front of the net and put a couple home.” Sadly the Gold team efforts were not enough.

Michael Miller scored a pair to pull away as the Blue team cruised to an 8-3 victory in the 1st Annual Winter Classic. Scoring 4 goals in the game, Miller credited the win to strong team chemistry. “Daniel [Bachrach] held his own in between the pipes,” Miller described. “It was up to the rest of us to create opportunities to capitalize on. The Blue team was aggressive, but we played smart.”


With the success of the 1st Annual AEPi Winter Classic, the game will become a staple Beta Upsilon tradition each Winter Break. In future years, there are plans to make this a brother vs. alumni hockey game.

Look forward to information about the 2nd Annual AEPi Winter Classic being released near Thanksgiving 2013. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event such a success. Special thanks to Daniel Bachrach (Winter Classic MVP with 16 saves) for creating the idea and organizing the event.

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