A New Look: AEPi hosts its first “mini” workweek


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IMG_0586A “mini” Renaissance for the AEPi Bradley house took place during a January mini workweek. Brothers dipped into their reserves of elbow grease to put a new coat of paint on the historic abode. Led by past house manager/scribe Michael Deporte and newly initiated brother Jonathan Perera, brothers put in a dedicated effort in preparation for upcoming 2013 Midwest Regional Conclave taking place at Bradley.

The week kicked off with a large-scale house cleanup. Most notably was our supply closet. Brothers Dylan “DJ” Jacobs, Mark Lehtman, Alec “Chip” Gutman, and Ethan Heller cleaned out, built new shelves, and then reorganized the entire closet. The impact this work will have on maintaining the chapter’s supplies is immeasurable by wealth.  The dumpster quickly exceeded capacity as every room in the house had to be cleaned. Freshman Derrick Shenberg notably carried a lot of trash during the week. “A colossal amount of garbage piled up,” Shenberg told us. “But it’s better to see it in a dumpster, rather than being spread around the house.”

Brothers Adam Eisenstot and Jordan Kramer were the MVPs of the 2013 “mini” workweek! Eisenstot cut, sanded, and painted a spectacular 3D cofa for the house’s chapter room. “I have some experience with this kind of wood project,” Lieutenant Master Eisenstot said. “It will be a great addition to our house as we get closer to Conclave 2013.”

The other MVP, Jordan Kramer, painted a large lion sitting with the cofa candelabra above the front staircase. This is an addition that can be expected to remain in the house for years to come. The upstairs hallway was repainted (of course not over Superman getting a piece of the pie or of the caricatures) by almost a dozen brothers. Max Friedman brought his laser-like focus and paintings skills to the windowsill in the upstairs hallway. “It was hard to find the right blue at first,” Friedman said. “After the paint conundrum was settled, we really bonded talking about life and the upcoming Conclave: The best Conclave ever.”

After the hard work and time put into work week the brothers of the Beta Upsilon chapter can now enjoy a fresh clean new look throughout the house. Opinions from the mini workweek’s results are ranging from fantastic to unbelievably spectacular some people even go as far as to say it was the “best work week in 3 years despite the shortened time frame”. Just ask the brotherhood’s favorite chef and their mama, Mama Cheri. “Thank you to the brothers for taking the time to make the kitchen clean,” Cheri said. “I appreciate you boys making it look so nice.”

This is the first time the chapter has held a “mini” workweek and the first workweek ever to be held in January. These efforts to support the upcoming conclave in mid-February are just some of the many things that will contribute to what is sure to be the best conclave ever.

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