2013 Midwest Regional Conclave


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559927_428921127189251_366615295_nThe brothers of the Beta Upsilon chapter played host to the 2013 Midwest Regional Conclave on February 15-16.  The weekend, which had been in the works for the past two months, went extremely well. With over 550 guests in attendance this was the biggest Midwest conclave on record.  As if this impressive feat wasn’t enough, the Brothers of the Beta Upsilon chapter did it in half the time of every other conclave. Furthermore, hosting a conclave is a distinguished honor and generally only goes to large chapters on big campuses. Bradley University is the smallest school to ever host a conclave and despite its size, the conclave went amazingly well.

The purpose of conclave is to teach attendees about the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and to share its best practices for chapter operations. Guests attended speeches and lectures on everything from risk management to brotherhood. Conclave is used to teach, inform, and share ideas and events among chapters. Besides being a great networking experience, conclave teaches some very valuable lessons about Alpha Epsilon Pi and its values.

For most chapters, conclave is a mandatory event for freshmen.  As the hosts, the Beta Upsilon freshman had a little bit different experience than normal.  Freshman Aaron Freeman greatly enjoyed the entire experience of conclave.  “I learned the true meaning of brotherhood beyond our chapter.  Conclave was truly a great learning experience.”

One of the most memorable moments of conclave for some of the brothers was the chance to meet Elan Carr.  Elan Carr is the Supreme Master of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, the highest elected position a brother can achieve. Freshman Cody Lefkowitz found that the time he spent with Carr was enlightening.  “Carr really treated everybody like we were all on the same level.  He hugged people and shook hands.”  Lefkowitz was also impressed that despite his lofty status, Carr just wanted to hang out with the brothers that were in town.

Overall conclave was a terrific experience and provided many excellent opportunities for the brothers.

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