Floor Hockey Champions!


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“Three. Two. One!” cheered the crowd. The horn buzzed, signaling the end of the game, and the end of the season. The brothers of th Beta Upsilon chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity rushed the MAC arena in honor of their victory. After going an unprecedented 5-0, the Beta Upsilon brothers finally got what they earned, their white championship shirts.

Floor hockey has been on the up and up since the arrival of MVP senior David Salus. Salus transferred to Bradley University from Curry College in Boston after his sophomore year and rushed AEPi right away. While at Curry, Salus played for the school’s team. “I’m just happy that I can contribute to winning the championship. The fact we were undefeated was just a bonus,” stated Salus. Salus was the leading scorer on the year, with three hat tricks in five games.

Complimenting Salus, and getting many of the assists, were many of the other brothers. Rounding out the rest of the starting lineup, senior Jerry Pine, junior Mark Lehtman, and junior Adam Eisenstot. Coming off the bench consisted of a mix of young and old talent. Senior Michael Miller, Juniors Laurence Pfeiffer and Curtis Wulfsohn, along with freshmen Cody Lefkowitz, Ben Mazor, and Jared Stein.

No team is complete without a goalie, and in AEPi’s case, it was sophomore Daniel Bachrach out of Glenbrook North High School. Bachrach started every game at goalie, posting a 5-0 record for the first time in ages. Following the win, Bachrach claimed, “The championship game was the culmination of our collective efforts this season to push through and bring home the white shirts. The season was a great one that will be looked back on fondly for years to come.”

No team is complete without the efforts of a great coach who will settle for nothing less than greatness for his team. “The Delts were a tough team that gave us everything we could handle, but with great goaltending and great overall play, we got the win and championship,” proclaimed Aaron Freeman, Head Coach of the AEPi team. Along with winning the championship, Freeman was also named the C-League Coach of the Year. “It’s a great honor. The season was great. It was awesome to have so many brothers come out and participate throughout the whole season. None of this would have been done without them.”

AEPi is already looking towards next season. “We played really well this season, and I feel that we can push ourselves to the next level and take on the B-League next year. We definitely have the talent to keep us moving up,” said freshman Cody Lefkowitz.