Formal 2013 proved to be a “suit and tie” affair


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602221_448768121871218_1382722029_nMen and women were dressed in their sunday bests as they headed to the dance floor at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. The Alpha Epsilon Pi formal took place on Saturday April 5th. The men dressed in their “Suit and Ties,” and the women “fixed up to the nines,” as they all “left it on the floor.”

The resort was a three hour drive from Bradley University. “It was a nice getaway from all of my school problems for a few days.” stated sophomore Will Brenits. Brothers were able to walk through a mini-bourbon street and feel like they were in New Orleans as the resort had live jazz bands playing throughout the night. Formal was a lot of fun for all that attended, but the months that led up to formal were not all fun and games.

A lot of work went into planning AEPi’s Formal and  a large chunk of the load was put on the shoulders of senior Jeremy Franklin. Franklin took it upon himself to lead the formal committee, find a place to hold formal for a reasonable price, reserve rooms for every brother attending, and make sure there were things happening so everybody could have a fun time and not just sit in their room.

Once all the setup was complete, Franklin was finally able to have some fun of his own, “The goal was to have zero expectations, and therefore anything could happen. The formal weekend means a lot to us seniors most of whom are graduating soon and will have to say goodbye to our close friends and good memories.”

Franklin and the rest of the seniors have roughly a month left before they graduate and move onto bigger and better things. We raise our glasses to the seniors and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


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