Alumni Weekend 2013


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393124_457591287655568_1638054809_nAlpha Epsilon Pi’s Beta Upsilon Chapter partied like it was 1982… 1998… 2003… I mean 2011. The weekend of April 19-21, the active brothers hosted alumni from across the decades as they came out for Bradley University’s annual spring alumni weekend. This was the biggest alumni weekend put on at this chapter in years past. The brothers of the Beta Upsilon Chapter are trying to reconnect with lost alumni and keep communication up with other alumni. This weekend was a great first step in achieving that goal.

Alumni weekend hosted a series of events to keep the alumni entertained and getting to know the other brothers, new and old. The weekend kicked off Friday night when the brothers went to Richard’s on Main for dinner with a few alumni. Later that night, more alumni came down and partied it up with their fellow brothers. The next day consisted of multiple events. The alumni chair, Justin Reisman, reserved Meinen Field for a softball game, and after that put on a BBQ for all the alumni and their brothers. The brothers of the Beta Upsilon chapter got a little surprise along with the alumni. The President of Bradley University, Joanne Glasser, and Provost, David Glassman, both graced the brothers with their presence.

After the alumni went back to their hotels and showered, they took a tour of the Bradley campus. After dinner, the alumni came back to the house to hang out with the brothers. “It’s awesome to see how year after year, the alumni will come back just to hang with the newer brothers, no matter how long ago they graduated,” said senior Alan Buckingolts. The alumni hung around the house, walking from room to room like they never missed a beat.

They would walk around the house and tell every brother about their memories of the people who lived in the rooms and the crazy stuff they did. The alumni would show us new guys games they used to play back in the day, and the show us the fun stuff they used to do. “It was great to see the alumni still acting like they were active brothers. I guess it’s true what they say, once a brother, always a brother. I am just glad we had such a great turnout,” said alumni chair Justin Reisman. Next year marks the 65th anniversary of the Beta Upsilon chapter, and a huge birthday party is already in the works. Looking forward to seeing all the alumni next year!

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