100 Years Of AEPi


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On August 8 – 11th Alpha Epsilon Pi held its annual convention for all chapters around the world. This year however was a special convention. Unlike normal conventions that are designed to teach brothers about best practices within the fraternity this convention brought together over 600 undergraduate brothers and more than 700 alumni to celebrate the centennial birthday of AEPi.

The Beta Upsilon chapter was well represented at the Alpha Epsilon Pi 100th anniversary convention sending 6 brothers including President Scott Pfeiffer, VP Justin Reisman, Pledge Master Alec Gutman, and seniors Max Footlik, Adam Eisenstot, and Scott Roth. The Beta Upsilon chapter had one of the larger delegations at this year’s convention.

Over the course of the convention, attendees representing the Beta Upsilon chapter had several unique opportunities.IMAG0560 One such event took place when the fraternity rented the USS Intrepid, a retired United States Aircraft Carrier permanently docked in New York City. Now a museum, the Intrepid provided both a great learning experience and an opportunity for brothers to explore the past while honoring members of AEPi that are currently serving or are veterans. “It was an experience unlike any other” President Pfeiffer said, “getting to see a really cool piece of history like that while bonding with brothers from chapters around the world was amazing.”

IMAG0546Even after the unbelievable trip aboard the Intrepid, the delegates of the Beta Upsilon chapter still hadn’t seen the most impressive part of the centennial celebration. The next day at the Awards Luncheon, hundreds of undergraduate brothers packed into the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria hotel, this time not to celebrate history, but to honor it. The awards lunch honored several chapters for outstanding achievements ranging from best websites to phenomenal leadership over the past year. IMAG0591During the awards lunch, the Beta Upsilon chapter received the second highest award given to a chapter: The Abe & Renette Corenswet Award for Outstanding Chapter.“It came as a complete shock” past VP Adam Eisenstot said, “we have just put so much effort into our chapter and improving each and every year! It’s great to finally be recognized for these improvements and in such a prestigious way, this was far beyond what any of us could have dreamed for”. The applause did not stop there, Beta Upsilon was also awarded 3rd place for its outstanding practices and procedures in Risk Management. “It’s great to see that we have a top notch security program in place” past Risk Manager Scott Roth said.

WP_20130810_010Perhaps even more exciting than the chapter winning awards was the unbelievable centennial gala banquet that took place later that night. Master of Ceremonies Wolf Blitzer was unavailable for comment; however the sparkle in his eye truly showed how magical the moment was! VP Justin Reisman said, “it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my short time with AEPi.” Justin went on to say “when the entire room stood up and sang Gold and Blue, my eyes started to water. It is one of the proudest moments of my life and every second of that song reminded me why I joined this great fraternity”

Overall, the AEPi centennial celebration was a huge success. Bringing alumni and undergraduates from around the world all together in the city where it all started exactly 100 years ago was not just symbolic; it was truly meaningful for all those who attended.

After 100 years of great AEPi tradition, the fraternity has expanded across 3 continents, 6 countries, and a combined 177 active chapters with several colonies around the globe. AEPi stands as the single largest Jewish fraternity and the 9th largest fraternity in the world. 96,000 brothers strong, AEPi plans to reach 100,000 brothers in the next year or 2 and is on pace to continue expansion around the globe. As AEPi wraps up its birthday celebrations it keeps an eye to the next 100 years, the next 177 chapters, and the next 6 countries.