First Annual Father’s Weekend Great Success


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Father's Weekend - ShooterAt first, hosting a father’s weekend was just a wild idea. We had not planned one in recent years and as a result many people were suspect. However, the excitement the discussion created amongst the brotherhood prompted me to make a fictional father’s weekend into a reality. The goal was simple: Create a time for brothers and their fathers to bond and create memories to last a lifetime. With high hopes, we began contacting all the fathers and made sure they would be able to attend.

On Friday, the fathers began to trickle into Bradley for a weekend they would not soon forget. There were events galore and memories to be made. The fathers truly had no idea what was to come. One of the greatest events of the weekend was a father-son beer pong tournament. Even though all the teams were not father and son, it did come down to two father-son teams—Jacob Kipnis and his father, Robert Kipnis, against Justin Reisman his father (and past master), Jeff Reisman. The championship was a best of three series and it came down to the very last game with one cup on each side. The entire brotherhood and fathers crowded around the table, the music was intense, and Jeff Reisman made the winning shot as the ball circled the rim and fell in. It was a legendary moment! After the amazing bonding experience the rest of the weekend was smooth sailing.

The following day, we had a barbeque and campfire at the house. As the campfire was roaring, so was the barbeque. There was a wonderful outdoor feast complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, and tons of snacks. During the barbeque, there was also a three point contest—almost 25 fathers and sons entered. However, the finals came down to a handful of fathers and one dad. The dad lost, but Luke Gutman ‘18 ended up winning the whole thing to the surprise of many brothers. That night we had a get together at our off-campus senior house with live bands playing the entire night. The dads were jamming out and playing drinking games with their sons. It was a site to see! Fathers and sons alike seemed to really enjoy this event and it was a perfect conclusion to a fun-filled day.

To complete our fathers weekend, there was a delectable breakfast buffet from Childer’s Eatery at their banquet hall. We reminisced over the events past two days and stuffed our faces with greasy breakfast food. As we were saying goodbye to many of the dads at breakfast, they thanked us for planning one of the best weekends they had shared with their sons in a very long time, and that they will treasure these memories forever. Many of them want to make this an annual tradition and we agree! Needless to say, the weekend was a great hit and we look forward to making more memories with our fathers at next year’s fathers weekend!