cofa-color-600-x-764Brotherhood in the Beta Upsilon Chapter of AEΠ represents the strongest form of unity and friendship possible.

While every brother has his own interests, our goals in the fraternity remain similar. Our brotherhood is the result of working together, living together, and enjoying our greatest moments together. It is the close friendships and strong bonds formed through AEΠ that separate us from every other organization on campus.

Our brothers benefit from being in an organization in which we offer each other academic and emotional support. We learn how an organization functions and how it takes every man pulling his weight to make it operate smoothly.

We participate in the unique events that Greek organizations offer and we encourage each other to try new things, to be spontaneous, and to have our house be a place where we can escape the stress that often comes with our rigorous academic work. Whether it be going to the gym to workout or play sports, going to see a movie or a ballgame, doing homework, or even just lending a helping hand to one another, we are always there for each other. To us, AEΠ is more than just a fraternity — it is our home.

We are brothers. We are friends. We are AEPi.


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